2018 Popular Cordless Rechargeable Tripod Work Light

2018-05-08 16:46 By admin
2018 Popular Cordless Rechargeable Tripod Work Light 
1.The light head can be folded and put into the interior of the light case, which is convenient for loading and unloading, and the operation is simple;
2.Using three telescopic rod as lifting adjustments,The lamp head can be operated rapidly according to the height of illumination.
3.Modular lithium battery, low self-discharge rate, simple and convenient installation, long life, environmental protection and economy.
4.Easy carry with handheld or Shoulder Strap
5.Light up 360° or 180° area
6.Long Life Lithium Removable Battey

Tripod work light
Applicable for a variety of night operations (such as road construction, power engineering repairs, disaster rescue, fire lighting, police scene, traffic rescue, accident handling, etc.) provide reliable mobile lighting and emergency repair site operation lighting.
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