JGL Fire and Rescue Portable Scene Lights

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JGL fire and Rescue Portable Scene Lights
JGL designs, manufactures and sells a variety of portable lighting products, including various rechargeable or non-rechargeable portable light tower, handheld spotlights, maintenance work lights, tripod work light for professional fire protection, law enforcement, military, industrial, outdoor, hunting ,marine and auto. We have been selling JGL portable lighting for more than ten years, with our own team of engineers and exclusive production facilities. JGL launched portable scene light fast installation and easy to carry. We design a variety of portable scene lights according to customer needs, lumens, brightness, wattage, retractable height etc.
Our portable scene lights can be quickly deployed in various situations and provide a suitable amount of light, making portable scene lights ideal for rescue operations. The extension pole extends high enough to allow the light to be angled in a downward position for typical operations to prevent blinding of responders. When height is a limiting factor, the light can be left in the stored position or raised slightly while sitting on its end.Depending on the situation, portable scene lights can be used in various deployment locations.The portable scene light has a high-impact thermoplastic shell that is weatherproof. Easy to carry to the work area, good stability can be folded to increase stability on uneven surfaces.
The versatility and portability of JGL's portable scene lights provide responders with many flexible options that can be operated in various emergency scenarios, such as structural fire protection, technical rescue, and vehicle rescue. It provides a reasonable amount of external lighting for initial operations until more suitable lighting can be established, a supplement to exterior lighting on dark areas around the scene, or primary lighting on the interior of structures or other confined areas.

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