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2021-05-12 10:21 By admin
Founded more than 13 years ago, JGL has grown and matured into a leading global manufacturer and supplier of portable lighting solutions - now shipping to over 20 countries worldwide. And JGL is adding a new manufacturing facility in 2020 to better serve a growing customer base.
What is the secret of our success?  We invest heavily in research & development. We are skilled in process & material sciences such as injection molding. And our quality control department insures that only above standard devices are delivered to our customers.  Our team can be trusted to provide only the most innovative products and finest lighting solutions - adding value and enhancing capabilities for our partners in the Construction ,Maintenance, Firefighting, Rescue, Emergency, Police, and Hunting markets.  
Our professional engineers are the best; we only build to strict quality standards; and our service is always prompt & timely.  Ask us about our product design and OEM services. It would be both a privilege and honor to work with you.

Our New Website :https://jgautolight.com/portable-light.html
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