JGL New arrival!handheld torch long distance best laser lig

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JGL New arrival!handheld torch long distance best laser light

Laser Light is poised to revolutionize the automotive and lighting industry as did the arrival of LED lighting more than a decade ago. Laser Light’s advantages are dramatic: delivering more than 10 times the brightness of LED; extended range illumination of up to 1km; minimal power consumption; long lifetime; and highly directional output not possible with LED.
Generally, all ordinary light sources are divergent. In other words, ordinary light sources randomly emit electromagnetic waves in all directions. There is also no relationship between the phases of the emitted photons. Therefore, they are sources of incoherent light. In view of the narrow beam produced by the laser, the light produced by the flashlight is diffusely reflected. Because the laser is coherent, it can stay focused at a long distance, even to the moon and back.
Differences between Laser and Light
Laser light is coherent while ordinary light is not
Laser light is monochromatic whereas strictly speaking monochromatic light is not.
Laser light is intense and unidirectional whereas incandescent light is not
Laser works on the stimulated transitions between the electron energy levels whereas normal light does not work like this
Laser is very specific colors whereas light is the sum of all colors.
Light possesses electromagnetic waves whereas in Laser all the peaks and troughs of the waves are lined up.
JGL long distance laser light Using Lithium technology, it is now lighter and has a longer run time.
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